Enabling Visible Track Controls brings C8 to a crawl.

I LOVE the new ability to select which track controls are viewable and how to arrange them.

However I prefer most of the track controls visible and I have all but 3 of them visible. When I do this, though the vertical scrolling through my hundreds of midi tracks becomes choppy and not smooth. I’m using a 2013 Mac Pro with the D700 graphics cards…basically the fastest available.

I keep all my tracks on the 2nd to smallest size and never had an issue with 7.5. In 8, even if I only have 1 Track Control visible, there’s still noticeable change in scrolling speed.

The new graphics look cool guys, but could we maybe simplify them or find a way to optimize them so they don’t impact the performance of the GUI?

I’ve given it a month with C8 to see if there were some workarounds, but have not found any. The new track controls seem to add a TON of strain on the system.

In C7 (and all previous versions) all the track controls were visible when I make my tracks the 2nd to smallest size (vertically). Now to make all those controls visible, I have to make between 25 and 30 horizontal slots available on the new Track Controls window and make all the buttons active.

When I do however, the GUI gets VERY sluggish. I have just over 1K midi tracks in my template organized in folders. Never had an issue before, but with all the track controls active, folders take up to a second or more to open and scrolling vertically through my tracks is very slow and laggy. C8 will also crash fairly regularly when simply opening folders or scrolling and clicking too fast. I never had an issue in previous versions.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have an 8-core 2013 Mac Pro “Darth Vader trash can” with the high end graphics cards. So it’s not like I’m hurting for computing muscle.

Anyone else noticing this?

Update on the situation. 8.0.10 did not seem to solve the problem, however during working on a session yesterday, the slow scrolling ceased and everything is smooth now. I have no idea what caused it. Wished I had a solution for anyone else experiencing the issue, but all is smooth now on my system.