Enabling volume automation using project logical preset

Hi, I have few audio tracks recorded. Is there any way to fix the fader position at a fixed value using project logical editor?

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Unfortunately the Track Operation | Mute doesn’t Mute automation track (because it’s linked to the MixConsole’s Mute). So you cannot use this one:

Filter Target
( Media type is | Equal | Automation | And
Container Type is | Equal | Track | And
Name | Contains | Volume )

Action Target
Track Operation | Mute | Enable


This doesn’t work, unfortunately.

You could use:

Track Operation | Read | Disable

But this doesn’t disable the read of the Volume automation track only, it disables Read of all automations of the given track (for this use case, we have the Automation Mute function).

Sorry, I’m afraid, it’s not possible.

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Can you describe what you are trying to accomplish with a bit more detail.