Enahrmonic change does not work

Sorry, I tried this:

Deuten Sie die ausgewählten Noten auf eine der folgenden Arten nach oben oder unten um:
Drücken Sie Alt-Taste-=, um nach oben umzudeuten.
Drücken Sie Alt-Taste–, um nach unten umzudeuten.

which means this:
Respell the selected notes upwards/downwards in any of the following ways:
Press Alt-= to respell upwards.
Press Alt-- to respell downwards.

But it does not work.

The = on the Mac is just reachable with another Command so… how do it?
Sth are really complicated… and the held in Dorico is almost useless if there is not even “enhamonic” displayed…

Can anyone give sa hint?

I tried to find anything in search in this forum but it is quiet difficult to understand a simple solution.

Thamm you

Thanx a lot

The German standard shortcuts are:

What language are you using Dorico in? What is set in Preferences > Key Commands > Keyboard language?