Encapsulated Text frame editing....

I find it very usefull to put text frame into other text frames (or cross-over). However, I can’t find a good way to edit them.
The only way I can double-click to edit the encapsulated one I want is to take it out of its encapsulated format.
Is their other way to do this?

This has been discussed before, but I don’t believe there has been an improvement. It would be great if one could simply press ENTER on a selected text frame to initiate editing as the current method of double-clicking seems to usually open up editing in another text frame (the larger one, or the one that was first drawn in??? I am not sure) that is in the same boundary area. Here is a link to the other post:

TO CLARIFY: as of Dorico 1.2, pressing ENTER works to edit text in the frame as long as there is text already there. The difficulty still exists in newly created text frames that overlap.


You can use the arrow keys to move from frame to frame in Engrave mode. This includes moving to nested frames.

Additional observation: pressing ENTER to edit a text frame does not work if the text frame overlaps with another, period. It only works on text frames that have text already there and do not overlap with another text frame. It’s as if the program loses the focus of the selected frame if it overlaps with another. The only way I can edit an overlapped frame is to drag it so that it does not overlap another text frame, then double-click or press ENTER.

I might be VERY confused here. But on my version of Dorico, if I create a blank text frame, then create a smaller one inside. Both have no text at this point. If I select the “inside” text frame so that none of the “boxes” are selected but rather the outline of the frame. When I press enter/return, it goes straight to me being able to type.

The exact same thing happens for the outside frame as well.

If one of the “boxes” are selected, you cannot enter text input mode. Am I missing the point of the discussion here?



After seeing your post, I went back and tried with a brand new project and observe correct behavior on Dorico’s part for editing text frames! (Yeah!) It seems as if something went amiss with the other project because I was seeing the behavior described in my earlier post.

Great. I am glad you got it working. I wonder of this is an issue with older versions of the software and the files written under those older “formats”?