Encoded- FH VBR HQ ?

Sorry, but Newbie here…

Is “FH VBR HQ” the best"Encoded" setting for a (MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3), Fraunhofer-VBR, Highest Quality VBR, Highest Quality Method MP3?

Just want to make sure I get the best sounding MP3 possible?

Thanks for anybody who helps!

Only your ears can answer that question, but yes, that setting should be reasonably good. Be aware that some devices can’t play back VBR (variable bit-rate) encoded MP3s. Make one with that setting, then try one with 128K CBR and see if you can hear any difference. You can also load a preset, then edit it to see exactly what it does.

Safest bet these days with massive bandwidth IMO is CBR 320 kbps, either Fraunhofer or Lame.

Thanks MrSoundman

Thanks Arjan. I select Fraunhofer 320 kbps (Highest Quality), but in the encoded menu, I do not see 320kbps as a preset. The highest is 192 kbps. Am I misunderstanding something?

The presets you see are “factory”. You can save your own presets. Maybe look in the manual.

Thanks. Will do. Still leaning the software.

I’m using Wavelab Elements 9. When you’re going to export your file from .wav to mp3, do as follows:

  • After setting the mp3 Tags / meta-data (LOL a topic in itself)
  • Click on Export
  • in Format pick, not the Factory presets, but Edit
  • then I choose the following settings:
    Match both Input Streams (assuming you want that)
    Encoding - Fraunhofer - CBR 320 kbps
    Inherit the meta-data (if you want)
    Then I save it as preset called Mp3 320
    Voilá, this gives the highest quality constant bit rate mp3 (huh, as far as my understanding goes).
    Remember, your initial wav file has to peak at most, say, -1dB to avoid distortion when compressing from wav to mp3.