Encoder Checker missing from WL12?

As the topic title says, it’s missing in WL12.
No substitute as far as i can detect so far.

Was this a mistake or has it been abandoned and if so, why?

Still there:

It shows up when searching like you exemplify although in my case it only shows up when searching from within the “Playback Processing” bar and not like you did, from the “Effects” bar


And it doesn’t show up in the Plugins list either wich is keeping me from activating it in other Master Section bars.


NOTE: added a question mark to the Topic title since it seems the Encoder may or may not be missing.

There is indeed a bug. This works for me because I imported this setting file from WaveLab 11.
“PluginSettings.dat” (\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 12\Preferences\PluginSettings.dat), and somehow this allows me to access the EncoderChecker.
That must not be your case.

I will make sure to fix this for WaveLab 12.0.10

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Unlike what I said before, there seems to be no problem. However, the Encoder Checker can only be inserted in the Playback Section. Try it.


Yes, that’s what i said is happening in my case.
Only available in Playback Processing.

Makes sense. It’s not needed anywhere else but i found it strange it doesn’t show in the Plugins list.

So, it’s not a bug nor an error. It’s just a modification in WL12.