Encoding for mp3

Has anyone compared Wavelab’s encoding to the Sonnox encoding products?

Is it worth getting? TIA!


WL has no proprietary encoding. Though Fraunhofer is included in full WL, you can use Sonnox, Lame or any other encoder in WL.

Because mp3 is a lossy encoding, there is no inherently “best” result. The preferred result may vary with different content and listeners, so it’s best to make your own choice of encoder. Generally at decent quality settings I can’t tell the difference - but I can provide an individual example in which Fraunhofer displayed severe artefacts (at 192kbps) which Lame did not. Lame is free and has never let me down.

Can’t beat the free LAME MP3 encoder - regardless of price point or cost in my books.


For some reason, I’ve never gotten as good results with wavelab or cubase as I have with Logic. I don’t know what the secret sauce inside of logic is, but I swear the two files are different from the same source.

I would love to use Wavelab to output MP3’s, but I get a grainy(er) sounding file. This has been the case for at least the last 10 years of testing.

I saw the sonnox products and I didn’t know if they were doing something special to the files. It sounds like they are not.

Thanks for your replies!