Encroaching hyphens at end of systems

I guess there is no setting to prevent hyphens to clash with syllables when changing systems, since if there were such a setting, it should be on by default.

This is a problem that is solvable in Engrave Mode in a case by case situation, but I think it would be preferable if Dorico would take care of it automatically.

That’s a problem that has already been described many times on the forum (along with hyphens at the start of a line colliding with lyrics). It’s on the team’s backlog.

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Thanks for the info. Actually, I saw a post on something like this, but wasn’t sure it was the same: it looked like it had a picture that I couldn’t see. Since the post was from a couple of years ago, I thought it either was another problem that had been solved or that the subject was worth being asked again.

The forum moved to different software a year ago or so. Unfortunately, many uploaded images in forum posts didn’t survive the move.

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