End of a trill

HI, i’m new with Dorico.
My english is not really good so sorry … :slight_smile:

I need a way to write the end of a trill.
The workaround that i have found is to add a new bar, input grace note and move at the bar before, but it’s just a workaround and not a solution :sunglasses:


Can you show us a picture of what you want?

Open the properties panel at the bottom of the screen and tick “grace note before barline”

In the reply of Rob there is an image that is exactly what i want, but in my case is at the end of the flow so i don’t have a new bar after the trill.

But in this case i’m forced to have a bar after the trill?

Then I’m puzzled why you need to round off the trill. Perhaps you should use real notes rather than grace notes if that is what you want (or change the time signature to add an extra eighth, hide the time signature, and then change the size of the final two sixteenth notes to grace-note size).

Thanks Derrek, i used your solution to add an extra heigh.
I’m write some exercise about ornaments for a guy and now i solved my problem :slight_smile: