End of Cubase? Performance Meter Average picking to 99% with very few Fx plugins

@TiKkO8803, I like your studio monitor isolation stands! Sorry, just checked out your Facebook page and couldn’t resist … :rofl:

Jumped over to Studio one. 7-15 x more efficient. No bog down no matter what I throw at it. Got a cross grade price to get professional. Dont think I will never run Cubase again untill I get a second computer. This time around I’d like M1 laptop for convenience. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run the Cubase Software smoothly if I optimize better. As it stands now I’m on a 16 GB win 10 sys ssd everything, URC44. 70% free space on home drive, and external t7 ssd’ no email and have disabled everything to essentially make the computer run a Cubase session. It does so at 15% cpu strain and 10% ram strain. Studio one at 1% cpu and .01 - .04 ram usage. I’m an enthusiastic beginner that realizes he’s out of his depth with the Steinberg Corp. I like transparency in business. I wish I could get a full refund on all that Cubase upgrade nonsense. Expensive and a exercise in futility thus far. 1 step forward 2 steps back, is the feel if this old (legacy code)cubase 11 software since Jan 1st 2021. Since may 1st I’ve been Headache free with Presonus Studio One for now and will revisit Cubase once: no dongle, once it gets a proper update, once the service improves and its M1 compatible. I won’t ever bother optimizing windows 10 to accommodate Cubase. Life is way too short for all that tweaking. I just wish I had researched better before jumping in with this outfit. I’m very unhappy with this product and the company handling of customers. I will ask now for a full refund of all purchases from Steinberg for being one incredibly disappointing time sink and cash dump all at once. I don’t actually think they do that. I own this completely unusable license for life. That is just so so sad to say.

It’s really odd how this works great for some and bad for others. I have three PCs and Cubase runs great on them all from a 11 year old i7 960 to my i9 9900k

Thanks (from Strasbourg) for that link. Very helpful and thorough.

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you’re welcome

Thanks. Had extra material when we finished the frame for the console and they don’t seem to make stands that match black rubber w/ royal-purple leather and velour lol but those particular monitors, while having a very large sweet spot near to far, have a sweet spot up & down of only about 3inches so they had to be made to put the sweet-spot exactly where my ears are naturally when I’m mixing. Before that, I literally had to sit on my feet like a 6yr old while I mixed lol because they make such a huge difference that exchanging them for something more convenient was out of the question.
Inside, the purple velour on both stands and the matching mixcube shelf, there’s an acoustic pad about 2½ to 3inches thick, so it serves a greater purpose than just cosmetic. .

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