End of Life Feature Request ...


Now the possibility of controlling ‘Direct Monitoring’ with multiple 816’s has been put to rest, can I please ask for one more little enhancement to the 816 before it retires …

An option to have the Volume Knob on the front only control outputs 1/2 ( I assume most people’s main ) and leave the others alone?

Even better an option that says “Volume Knob Controls…” and check boxes for all outputs… so we can pick appropriately for the individual setup.

I can’t believe that’s not possible.



I believe the new UR824 has this “feature”, I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was turning the “phones” control only to find I turned the “master” control and it changed all my levels! Personally, I’d like to have a master volume defeat switch as well…

Ed or whomever,

PLEASE do this!

Whether you’re leveraging outboard or creating monitor mixes or summing, the fact that the master volume knob controls ALL the outputs is a killer for me. I’m having trouble figuring the purpose of this integration.

I have resorted to never touching it and using my MOUSE to control volume through the MR Editor (I’m on a Mac using Logic) because outputs 3-8 are hitting outboard/patchbay. Even with this unpleasurable lack of volume knob, it’s not hard to accidentally engage the knob for master volume, sometimes without even realizing it, and now all of my outboard send levels are changed and so the mix changes. Re-load MR Editor preset. Hope client was not around for this happening. Not fun…

Anyway, complaints aside, I would imagine (or hope, I guess) that this is a simple software/firmware fix. Perhaps an option in the MR Editor to “lock” master volumes or designate fixed outputs. Or… just making the master volume control 1/2 out.

Pretty please?!!?!!

I would have thought it’s designed that way so it works as a master volume in a 5.1 or 7.1 system.