End of part snapping instead of the begining

In one of my projects I have one audio part that when moved snaps using the end of the part rather than the beginning. All other audio parts in the project snap from the beginning as usual.
As far as I know I’ve not changed anything in the misbehaving part but a little variaudio was added.

Any ideas?

Open the editor of this event and move it’s snap point back to the beginning.


Yes, you can snap an end of the event. Change your Snap type from Grid to Events. Then, it will snap to the beginning or the end of any event.
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 19.56.30.png

Was also looking for that, great tip, thanks Martin !!

Thanks for the answers guys. You’ve added to my knowledge and a quick look up in the manual gave me the answer for the future. I have never used the snap point in any other position before and I didn’t do it as far as I know with this. I ended up fixing it myself and I don’t know how. I just started resetting thing with the variaudio and a few other buttons and before I knew what was going on the snap point was back at the beginning. I wish I’d been paying attention.
I need a bigger S for the snap point or big flashing lights around it. I was staring for ages trying to see it and it’s there right in front of me. A visit to the opticians maybe.
Anyway thanks again. I just wish I knew what I did in the first place so I can not do it again. But at least I can fix it when I make another mess.