End of Time [look at the world]

End of time (part of 12 song album look at the world)


While writing this piece I was listening a lot to the soundtrack Tron from Daft punk. So in the middle piece there is a long intermezzo with synthstrings inspired by that. Maybe that part is a bit to long, and kills the pace I don’t know yet.

Kick: sample through GA and angular momentum KicklabXXl
bas Korg legacy VST Polysix
Synths Korg Legacy VST Monopoly and Prologue

Mixed with Cubase and UAD plugs Cambridge EQ, Pultec EQ Realverb Pro + Tone2 filterbank

Comments pointers and remarks as always highly welcome. Vocals will be rerecorded.

Greetz Dylan.

Sounds good mate, listening on headphones now but I think the kickdrum could use a bit more low end. The bass is nice and bouncy and I like the ending a lot :slight_smile:
I’m not a fan of the vocal but as you said you’re rerecording that I’ll not comment on that untill the new one is in. Personally I find nothing wrong with the synth string section.

Hey strophoid,

but I think the kickdrum could use a bit more low end.

I use two kicks, a verse kick and in the ‘chorus’ (fat piece with snare no vocals) I use another one.
The first kick is supposed to be thinner, which kick are you refering too?

Thanks for listening.

Greetz Dylan.

You’re right, I hadn’t noticed that. It’s the laserkick tb909 clone thingy you use in the intro. Listening back it’s quite allright though, as the other kick is perfect and the contrast between the 2 works for me. I heard that first kick and thought: that’s a bit of a lame kick for a techno track, and then I wrote the comment, while the song was still playing. Then stopped listening to the kick and focussed on the rest of the song :stuck_out_tongue:

I had exact the same thought as what you heard, first I used the first kick through out. Then replaced the bigger parts with a thin kick layered with a sub kicksynth.

coolness, I would describe that track as exciting. that little semi-tone down really does it. ya the opening kick can fool ya because of the high attack but the oomph is in the release, its fine. you always have neat breakdowns in the music. I thought maybe the outtro would have something of devistation.

Everything sounds really well balanced to me. Nice transitions. I don’t think the “stringy” breakdown section lasts too long. Just long enough to get you sidetracked and bring you back around. I agree with bluebob that some mass chaos is almost expected at the end, but at the same time if it’s an album piece it all depends on what comes next. Not my normal type of music to listen to, but I like it!

Not my usual cup of tea, so I’m no expert on the genre, but IMHO it’s done very well.
I like the sounds of the middle section. :sunglasses:

Good job, Dylan.

Bob, scab Wim thanks for listening!

The idea of making it go bezerk on the end is something I take in consideration after your comments.
Makes this forum again valuable for me, sometimes you are so caught up in your own mterial that you don’t see the obvious.

Yeah, it all sounds pretty good here, :slight_smile: I do like that section that kicks in about half way. I agree about the bottom end - a bit more ‘ooomph!’ required. For the vocal I’m thinking more obvious FX and processing will generally help fit better with the overall sonic flavour of the piece.

Nice :sunglasses: