End position in tie chain - Property not applying


I have a file, where the property “End position in tie chain: First note“ does not seem to work:

This is f.e. in bar three of the attached project.
Any help welcome.
Mendelssohn Lieder Opus 71 Nr. 1 Tröstung.dorico (1.3 MB)

It’s the presence of the lower note that begins at the same time as the tied-to note that is tripping Dorico up here. This isn’t quite right, obviously. We’ll look into it.

ah, I see, thank you Daniel.

That is a situation where you can use the pro-tip I gave some months ago. Delete the second note, so that the slur is as should be. Then place the caret on the first beat, qhord mode on and input your g quaver. Everything should stay put.
Pro-tip with slurs, ties and chords involved.
Daniel’s answer is quite a relief because I didn’t find this very Doricoish :wink: