Ending a section with a bar with fewer beats?


I’ve added a pick-up bar of 1 beat at the start of the piece and at the end I want to have a bar which only has 3 beats which I’ve managed to add using the Add Time Signature popover as another ‘pick-up’ bar (see image).

Is there any way to hide the time signature in the last bar or create the bar of 3 beats another way?

You don’t have to change the time signature in this case. Just add a final double-barline after beat 3. That’s it.


…and then click to select the last one-beat partial measure that remains, Shift-B, -1 to delete it.

I don’t know what you are doing, Dan, but for me it works like Thomas suggested and I don’t get any remains, which have to be deleted. Very easy and comfortable!
Also works with every other barline type (repeat sign, double barline, …).

It depends on how you enter the notes. Sometimes you could end up with three beats of music as intended, plus an added beat of rest you want to delete. Hence the Shift-B, if needed.

You can also Trim flow in the write menu, or write trim in the shift-B popover. Or use system track. Well, it seems Dorico is growing up !

Thanks guys. I clicked the 4th crotchet rest and used Shift+B to add a final bar line using the popover. There was an empty bar after which I deleted but it’s now exactly how I need it to be. :slight_smile: