Endless rotary encoders to control volume ?


I have Behringer CMD DV-1 with endless rotary encoders and it is problem to use them with cubase volume or EQ.
Every rotary encoder send two messages when turn left 63 and when turn right 65. Is it possible to write any script so that to set cubase that way to read this encoders with message such as 1-127 ?

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Of course, it’s possible to write a script.

In general, the controller should provide a wanted values. I don’t know the device, and the Manual is not very helpful. Maybe, there are some templates, you can select, and the device will send more reasonable data then…

It is not possible to change something in the device exept number of chanell :frowning: So everything should base on possibility of cubase, but i’m not sure if cubase can do this. I hope one day it will happen.