Endpoint configuration save error and Playback template instruments issue

HI! I’m testing Dorico 3.1 (trial version) on my Mac and I’m very comfortable with the software. Now I’m creating a playback template for my setup.
I host all sounds in Logic routing MIDI via IAC ports; now I have all my midi instruments ready for use, with corresponding sounds and expression map:

When I save my configuration endpoint I get an error:
Dorico MIDI Setup Config error.jpg
But the file is saved in my library:

I saved my playback template, but when I load it in a new project, Dorico places my MIDI instruments configs under VST Instruments!

How can I fix this?

Welcome to the forum, musicamultimedia. I have a feeling that you are trying to do something that is not currently supported by the provided feature set; I will look into this further and report back.

In the meantime, what you’ll need to do is use your current project as a template, i.e. open it and do File > Save As when you start a new project, delete any players you don’t need or want to use, and then proceed from there. Some users also mark that template as read-only/locked in the Finder so they can’t accidentally overwrite it.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll follow your suggestions!

Daniel, I get the same error when trying to save an end.conf. I have all the VSTis correctly connected to VEPRO instances. But I don’t have all the instruments in the score routed. Maybe the issue is having these instruments not connected?

The end.conf. seems to be saved, but I don’t know if there is something missing.

EDIT: Maybe I found the culprit. I had a VSTi duplicated. No instrument was pointing to it, but it appeared at the end of the list of VSTis in the VST Instruments panel. Deleted that one, the end.conf. could be saved with no errors.


Hi Daniel, I’m doing the exact same thing Musicmultimedia is doing here and for the same reasons (IAC Buses to send MIDI from Dorico to Cubase through the MIDI Instruments section of Dorico), and I’m experiencing the same problem: error when saving endpoint configuration but somehow it still saves it, but when loading it through a playback template puts the entries on the VST Instruments instead of the MIDI Instruments (so it doesn’t work).

Any news on this? I’m using Dorico 3.5. It would be nice if we could sucessfully save Endpoint configurations for MIDI Instruments too.

It’s fixed in the 3.5.10 free update.

I see! Thanks for the information! I forgot to download that update.