Endpoint configurations and Vienna Ensemble Pro

I’m wondering how things stand with endpoints & VEPro. It has been a long time since I tried to engage with saving & loading endpoints, because at that time there was no way to save the instance information.

Is there a way to load an endpoint saved from one instance in a given project to another project that uses the same instance? I found that saving a complete endpoint set and then loading it elsewhere created multiple Dorico instances of VEPro for each VEPro instance.

Works fine for me with 6 instances with each instance using multiple ports. I have a hybrid playback template that uses EW Hollywood for some instruments, EW Symphony for others, Cremona for solo strings and Halion fallback for seldom-used instruments. I can apply it to a new score (my default playback template is Silence) and only the appropriate VEPro plugins are loaded – quite slick I have to say.

You’re right, at least I’ve just tried setting up a new project and it appears to be mostly set up. I guess I’d need to set up all the divisi options before applying the template, but that’s brightened my day no end!