Endpoint Configurations

I have just run into the topic of using VST external libraries into Dorico. I am discovering that it is much more difficult than how I expected it to be.
The issue of Expression Maps is a real riddle, especially for guys like myself.
Anyway, I am trying to understand if there is a way to delete or rename Endpoints configuration.
I have checked in the help manual as well in the forum but I found no answer.
I would appreciate if it were possible.
Working on Endpoints configuration, I have come up with creating a few of them with erroneous settings or with names that now are only confusing.
I would like to clean up a bit my environment of work. I think somebody else may have already run into this situation.
Thank you.

you might find this thread https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=167984 helpful. As you’ll see, it’s not possible currently to delete endpoints from within the programme but can be done directly from disk. I don’t think (but am open for correction) that anything in this respect has changed in the latest version.

On Expression Maps, play around and you’ll surely start to get the hang of them. The forum will certainly help with specific queries.

If you don’t know where a particular file type is being stored, one way to find out is create one which is guaranteed to have a unique name (e.g. test12345ruxton67890) and then use the Windows or MacOS search tools to find it.

thank you dko 22 and Rob, your suggestions proved to be helpful