Endpoints Backup?


Is it possible to make backups of my Endpoints?
I know it is possible to export Playback Templates, but those depends on the availability of the endpoints.

I don’t understand why you’re writing this. The Endpoints are embedded in the playback templates, so if what you are trying to do is use a playback template, you shouldn’t need endpoints. But if you need to alter a playback template, you will need endpoints, yes. Could you elaborate, please, on what you are trying to do?
And yes, I think you can save those endpoints as a backup, but it should be done when you create them, AFAIK.

A saved Playback template should contain all the Endpoints, and can be loaded to a clean system: it does not reference existing endpoints on disk.

Endpoints are saved in the same folders as your user defaults: e.g. application prefs, Engraving options, Scripts, templates, Autosave files, etc.

On a Mac, that’s in the User account Library, under /Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/

Not sure about Windows, I think it’s under %%UserData or something.

Either way, as user files, they should already be part of your own backup strategy.

I’m just starting to modify PLayback Templates to include my preferred orchestra VST’s.
The concept is new to me, so I thought endpoints were a separate item. I think it is not mentioned in the user manual, AFAIK.
Now I understand that they are in fact embedded in the Playback Template.
And those can be exported, so, it’s a backup.
My question originated in the necessity to have a backup of the whole Playback Template, in case a fresh installation is needed in my system.
Very useful - Thanks!