Endpoints in Divisi

I’ve a question.

I have a violin section part which enters a divisi. The top staff is for a solo violin, taken from the secion; the second for gli altri.

I want the top staff to play back using a solo violin endpoint, and the second using the same violin section endpoint as the rest of the piece.

However, in the play editor, when I enable independent voice playback, it is the gli altri who have the second lane added. So I can change the endpoint for gli altri but not for the solo violin!

My workaround is to create a new voice just for the solo violin - that works, but I end up with 3 lanes in the play editor.

Is there a better way of doing this? I don’t want to make the solo violin the second staff in the divisi.

I think you have found the optimum solution for the program as it presently exists.