Endpoints - Playback templates - VEPro - Possible?

Hi there,
Before I spend more time on this, I thought it would be a good idea to ask if it’s even achievable :
I use two computers connected by VEPro 7, one for Dorico, one for my libraries. I’ve built a VEP template where my instruments are all available and organized in a few instances.

My plan was to create endpoint configurations for each individual instruments, combining them as needed in playback templates. So basically if I decided to write a piece for solo violon, Dorico would load the appropriate patch in the proper slot.

The result I actually get is :

  • if I have saved the solo violin endpoint configuration with my full template loaded, Dorico will load the entire instance that contains about 50 instruments and not only the solo violin;
  • if I have saved the solo violin endpoint configuration with only the violin loaded in its appropriate slot, I cannot combined different endpoints in a playback template. For example, if I had also saved and endpoint for solo cello and create a playback template combining violin and cello, Dorico is loading only one instrument.

Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to achieve what I want to do?
And sorry for the long post…

What you describe is indeed the normal behaviour. Dorico can only load the whole VE Pro instance with all of its loaded sounds, and indeed when you save an endpoint configuration it can only save the state of the plug-in as a whole, not of only one channel within the plug-in.

If you’re using VE Pro on another computer, though, presumably you do typically have a fixed configuration of instruments loaded in VE Pro? In which case you can create a playback template that matches the entire configuration of VE Pro on your server computer, in which case as you add instruments to your Dorico project, assuming they are found in your playback template, Dorico will automatically route that instrument to the appropriate device/port/channel combination in your VE Pro instance.

Hi Daniel,
Yes that’s what I’ve figured out. I was hoping there would be a way that Dorico would load only the needed instruments and not the full template. It would save loading time, ressources and thus avoid the step of having to erase unused channels. If ever you would consider eventually implanting it if it’s even possible

As things stand, unfortunately it’s not possible, because there’s no way for us to tell VE Pro to load any sounds.

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