Endpoints using multiple channels

Where projects have players which use instruments on different channels in the same VST (e.g. several strings in Kontakt), my Playback Templates prefer to load multiple instances of the VST instead. I’ve been failing to understand this for a while and wonder if anyone can help me.

I have saved Endpoints with the instruments on multiple channels and added them to the template.

How does the Playback Template determine whether to load a new instrument into another channel of the same player or into a new instance of the player?

Dorico will sometimes sub-optimally load a new instance of a plug-in rather than work out that it could use an unused channel in an already-loaded instance. Make sure that your saved endpoint configuration specifies an instrument and expression map for every (occupied) channel in the multi-channel plug-in you’re using, and that should help. There are, however, some known cases, particularly with unpitched percussion instruments, where Dorico can end up loading more instances of the plug-in than are strictly necessary. Generally these days that’s not disastrous as plug-ins are quite clever about sharing resources between instances.

Thank you very much Daniel - I wasn’t expecting a response until after the weekend.

It’s good to know I’m not going mad (at least not in this respect), I was concerned that I was missing something. I have since loaded several new players one after the other and see that sometimes they are added to the same instance, and sometimes not.

So thank you again for helping me understand. I can easily live with this.