Ends voice immediately sometimes appears not to

I understand your frustration, and I think anyone who has read these threads understands where you are coming from about desiring consistency; but I do not quibble about the term flow for example because liquid does not start coming out of my speakers. A lot of these terms are metaphorical rather than literal.

How is ‘consolidate’ metaphorical? Do you agree with the inconsistent behaviour, and is that what you expect, want, and desire? I find that very surprising.

I don’t object to the term; I would support more consistency/predictability in what it does.

At the same time, I appreciate that Daniel cannot take the time or space to specify here all the different use cases that affect voice and rest behavior. I expect the way that function works to improve over time, which I think is what you are after regardless of what it is called.

I’ll end this thread here with this. I do not object to the term. I object to the function not doing what a reasonable person would expect - if you consolidate rests, don’t do it sometimes, don’t do it half and half, don’t make the behavior dependent on location of other voices - just consolidate the rests. None of this odd behaviour is documented.

It’s enough to make me go back to Lilypond, if one cannot depend on plain English words having plain meanings. Sigh.

My humble request to Dorico is that you improve this by simply making it do what it says.

Come now… that’s a little dramatic. Remove rests take care of this in a snap. I agree with your general outlook on this matter (I confess I was surprised to see the gifs above where rests “unconsolidated”) but at least the problem is easily overcome.