[ENDURING BUG/ISSUE] Multiple Channel Assignments Breaks

It’s back… and maybe it was never gone, but… it didn’t happen here for a long time and, well, it’s back…

On my Macbook Pro, shift-option selecting a group of channels no longer assigns the target to any but the first channel.

I started a thread about this a couple of versions ago, and got some acknowledgement (thanks, Fredo), but no real expectation of it being fixed-- apparently nobody at SB could pinpoint what was making it happen…the only way I could seem to get the behavior back to normal was by replacing my prefs with a known good set.

Never had it happen from .35 through .40; just lucky? Anyway, tried to assign multiple channels today, but no dice.

I had just working on an imported 6.5 project (in 7.1) just before it happened. I’m wondering if that might might have corrupted my prefs. Don’t have a backup on hand, as I’m on the road, but wanted to alert that this Deeply Annoying Issue has come back, like a vampire, to suck a big chunk of happiness out of my workflow.

Thanks for listening, and Steinberg, thanks in advance for doubling down on solving/fixing this age-old issue.


I don’t know what exactly you mean as I don’t know the history of this. But I have 7.1 and when I, in the mixer, select a bunch of tracks, and then hold SHIFT-OPTION and do anything on one of those selected tracks, it happens on all of them. I assign routing, EQ type for a band, fader. Anything I touch while holding SHIFT-OPTION (Q-Link), is applied to all tracks.

Same in the arrange window. I select several tracks, do changes while holding Q-Link, and it’s applied to all tracks.

Or what grouping are you talking about? Maybe I tested the wrong thing?

No, Chris; you tested exactly the right thing. And this is the problem! It doesn’t happen to everybody, and it doesn’t necessarily happen consistently even for those of us who experience the issue.

Fredo had mentioned the last time around that THAT was the reason it was hard to classify as an actual BUG; nobody could figure out how to consistently break it, i.e. there were not reproducible steps to identify the issue, other than “it happens sometimes”.

I’ve only noticed this in routing, as the only time I really care about it tends to be when I really need it, like when I have 50+ channels that have to be reassigned to the same group.

We DO know that it happens on both Macs and PCs, and that for some it spontaneously goes away.

As I said above, the only way I’ve been able to return to expected behavior is by trashing my prefs, or replacing them with an old, good version. So it’d be at least semi-logical to assume that there’s something messing with the prefs. The question is… what? Or, more practically… are we still trying to fix this? :cry:


Ah, got it. oK, will keep an eye out myself.

On another note. Why does Q-Link exist at all. When you make the effort to select multiple tracks, isn’t it save to assume you want to do somethink to all of them? Shouldn’t Q-Link be just on all the time by default and getting rid of this feature? Just have it work that way by default. Or is there a case that makes sense to have it toggable?


So, one thing I didn’t realize at first was that I have to have the modifiers pressed as I make the final selection/click. So, between the following two:

a select several tracks
b hold down shift+ALT (windows)
c click on send slot (for example)
d click on desired send destination
e release keys (shift+ALT)

a select several tracks
b hold down shift+ALT (windows)
c click on send slot (for example)
d release keys (shift+ALT)
e click on desired send destination

only #1 works, because the modifier keys need to be pressed when selecting the destination. They don’t even have to be pressed until then. So I could even do this:

a select several tracks
b click on send slot (for example)
c hold down shift+ALT (windows)
d click on desired send destination
e release keys (shift+ALT)

That threw me off for a while and it seemed like an “intermittent” error simply because I would always click on something while shift+ALT was pressed, but sometimes it was just the send slot and then I’d release and sometimes it was the send slot AND after that the selection and THEN I’d release.

This might all be known to you but I figured I’d mention it because sometimes it’s the simple things that we’re missing.

I appreciate your diligence! But sadly, that’s not what is going on here. Double-checked my technique the first 20 or 30 times this happened, years ago. This is apparently a known “semi issue” or a (can’t call it a) bug. But the bottom line: It’s busted. And when I get home I’m gonna have to replace my prefs, and it’ll work again.

I suspect it may have something to do with accidentally having opened a project with 6.5, but I don’t have the spare time right now to start with fresh prefs and test.

I wish they’d figure it out! I’d be glad to pitch in.


Bummer. Hope you get it sorted out!