Enforcement of waveform refreshing

Dear Steinberg-Team,

thank you for the Nuendo 7, especially for the reconforming feature (but not yet tested)!
I would like to suggest the following feature:

A function to force Nuendo to (re)calculate all waveforms or all waveforms of a selection.

The problem:
Sometimes Nuendo has to calculate or refresh a large amount of waveforms, e.g. when opening a project without .csh-File or when a large set of tracks was imported to the project.

It seems, that Nuendo refreshes that waveforms, which are located in the visible range of the timeline (but only if the view is not to much zoomed out!) or of the active pool. During this calculation the reaction of Nuendo slows down until the current view is refreshed. After that it stoppes refreshing. Skipping to another range restarts the calculation until the new range is refreshed, and so on.

Therefore, the calcalation of all waveforms will not be finished automaticly, Nuendo behaves restively until all waveforms are refreshed, and this happens only by working on it.