Engineer Record while using VST Connect

Has anyone tried to record as the Engineer while using VST Connect to simultaneously stream the mix of the song to VST Connect performer?

The performer and I do not need to be recording simultaneously, nor do I hardly ever need her to even be in sync with the music that is on my end. I am laying down all of the tracks and simply taking ideas from her. I simply need her to be able to hear what I am doing/see the video feed.

I have the Cubase session on my computer. I have VST Connect opened on my side and connected VST Connect performer - this introduces the remote delay latency during playback. If I monitor input an instrument track, whatever I play comes out my speakers 1 sec later. I can not play along with/record along with the song when it is coming out the main of the Control Room. I can use the VST Connect cue HW output to monitor an instrument track and play/record with the song in real time. This is what I need to do and have it sent to the performer.

However, when I record in sync with the VST Connect cue, my recorded tracks are out of sync from the session (by the 1 sec remote delay latency amount). How do I fix this?

I already tried the Record Shift under Studio Setup>Audio System. My thought was that I could set this to offset recordings by 48000 samples (1 sec at 48kHz) but apparently not.

Basically what I need it to do is shift my recorded midi/audio back by 1 sec automatically after stopping recording. Either that or figure out a way with routing/playback config to have my tracks delay recording for the 1 sec.

Anybody have any ideas how I could get this to work?

EDIT: Setting the Record Shift to -48000 samples, it does automatically offset any audio recorded. However, it does not effect midi recording. Anybody know if there is a midi Record Shift function?