English horn in HalionOne defect?


I installed latest N5 and NEK updates. In HalionOne I choose the Engl. Horn, but it plays sounds only between c5 sharp and c7. Is ths correct? Any ideas how to get the lower tones?


Due to some limitations of the rules for this forum ;-( I got the following hint from a legal Cubase user

“[…] but undoubtably that key range is the actual English horn key range. Try a trombone patch from that same library, or a tuba if you’re trying to go really low…[…]”

Thank you!


an English Horn is a woodwind (similar to an Oboe, actually), so a Trombone won’t be the ideal replacement. :wink:

In any case, the range you’re talking about sounds a bit odd. Look at these graphics on our website, and you will see (and hear) what to expect from an English Horn:

-> http://vsl.co.at/en/70/3161/3188/5616.vsl
-> http://vsl.co.at/en/70/3161/3168/3171/5569.vsl


Hi Dietz,

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, my question was misleading. Yes, the very high keyrange in Halion One was the reason why I at first was assuming that there is no Engl. Horn at all. But then I detected it in the very high keyrange.

It is a pity that we currently cannot search in the “old” nuendo forum. So I used Google and detected that this bug has been in C4.02, too:

Maybe this could help here, too, but I do not own Winzip so I have no idea how to use the workaround decribed there. I am using N5 on W7 64.

Any ideas are welcome.