Engrave and Play windows linkage oddness

I have triple monitor, left is Play, center is Write and right is Engrave.

I’ve been wishing for a way to only show certain tracks in Play mode. According to the docs

“You cannot hide/show player and instrument tracks.”

However adding a new tab in Engrave mode focuses Play mode to only show the track in question. This is a neat feature, but to get back you need to select the Full Score again, but it only will trigger showing all after a few minutes (saw this behavior at least once.) Selecting other part tabs now don’t appear to focus the Play window. No wait! It does propagate over, after a few minute delay, while I was typing some kind of timer expired and it flipped back.

Not sure what’s going on here? Seems like a glitch maybe. But being able to show only certain tracks is certainly something that would be helpful. Now I’m waiting to get it to go back to full score mode in the Play window …

The tracks shown in Play mode depends on the layout selected - if the full score is selected, all tracks appear (assuming they’re all in the full score). If you select a part, only the players/instruments/tracks in that part appear. I see what you mean about opening a new tab in a separate window - that does seem to influence the Play mode view in the other window.

However for me, re-selecting a layout from the layout selector brings the relevant tracks back into view. If your project is large, perhaps the delay is just a processing lag?

Lillie thank you! Even though it was in front of my face didn’t catch that the score/part drop down focuses the Play screen. On the other point, yeah it’s a orchestral score, maybe that’s it, except that selecting the score from the dropdown doesn’t have the lag. Don’t know.