Engrave and Write mode

Is there a way out of this? It always reverts to what I started with, making the fingering notation too close to the note on its left. (To clarify the issue here, I have exaggerated the left-right spacing a little more than I would in real life.) I looked for some way to reverse the positions of the natural sign and the ‘0’ of the fingering notation. If that could be made to work, I’d be happy.

What do you mean when you say “it always reverts”? Do you mean that when you leave the note spacing tool, your edits are lost? Or something else?

I mean that after I have done the work in Engrave mode, I switch back to Write mode in order to continue with the project. The notes change in position to the original appearance. Switch back to Engrave mode, and the work I did appears again. So, it always looks right in Engrave mode and wrong in Write mode.

Hold on! My bad! I completely forgot that Write mode was set to Galley view. Sorry! It works fine in Page view!