Engrave: Is there a way to "nudge" elements using arrow keys?

Sometimes an element is almost perfectly placed, but simply needs to be nudged by a pixel in one direction or another. I’ve used other applications that allowed you to use the up/down or left/right keys to nudge an element incrementally. But this doesn’t seem to work in Dorico.

Unfortunately, when grabbing an element in Dorico to move it by a tiny amount, there’s a “resistance” that one must overcome, such that no matter how gently I drag, the element always moves by at least 4 or 5 pixels (or thereabouts). Then I have to move it back in the opposite direction to the desired location.

Is there a way to nudge elements in Dorico? I found nothing in the manual. Even if the arrow keys are used for another feature, perhaps a modifier key plus the arrow keys could be implemented for nudge.

Pretty please? :slight_smile:

Alt+arrow keys should move the selected item by 1/8 of a space.
If that’s still too much look for the corresponding property in the properties panel and change the value manually.

When I translated the shortcuts in French, I learned other shortcuts to nudge by a small amount : alt-h/j/k/l to move left/down/up/right
Hopefully Daniel or someone else from the team can tell us the difference with the arrow keys nudge.

Excellent! Thanks!

P.S. Steinberg, how about updating the online manual? I’m glad I’m gradually finding solutions in the forum, but if the manual were more comprehensive, we wouldn’t have to “clutter” the forum with so many questions! :slight_smile:

Thanks, MarcLarcher. Also good to know!

I typed “dorico move items engrave mode” into Google and came up with this page from the manual within the first few results – and the results that came higher were even more specific, as one of them was a video tutorial on exactly this topic from YouTube, and another was a transcription of that video – but here you go:


Since Daniel did not answer my question about alt+h/j/k/l, I will answer it myself : it looks as though those shortcuts have exactly the same effect than alt+arrows
I wonder whether they are a kind of “legacy” of the first keyboard shortcuts and are redundant with the arrows, that might explain why nobody talks about them !

They’re included to provide some additional combinations, introduced when we introduced the staff spacing tools in 1.0.10.