Engrave Issues

I’ve been working on recreating an old Piano Album of folklore music, so I can hear a mock up.
Today I finished inputting everything, and was scrolling through each flow (30 of them) to fix any errors, etc. I might have missed.
I came to a flow which needed the title and a couple of words in the lyrics part corrected.
After I did this, the layouts starting from that flow changed; staves overlapping, pages with text disappearing and/or changing it’s order of appearance in the project.
I’ve gone through the manual but can’t find anything to help me know what happened and how to fix the issue.
If anyone knows anything or has experienced this as well and could give me some guidance, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you

If changes cause your flow to expand to a new page, this will push subsequent music onto new pages but not push the page formatting with them, causing a mismatch. This may be what is happening in your case. You might try to make sure the flow you edited still fits on the pages allotted to it.

What you describe is what happened. So what would be the solution? Add a second page to the flow?

I think if you insert a page before page 10 (for example), that the formatting from page 10 will now be on page 11… I’m ready to be corrected.

So, yes, I think that might work.

If there’ve been only minor corrections, you might be able to get the flow to take the same space as before?

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