Engrave Menu Not Working

For some reason, when I go into Engrave Mode, only the first two options give me the menu. When I click on Staff Spacing or Vertical Spacing it does not show me the options anymore, and it does not have an arrow to open them.

Is this an error in the program? or did I choose anything that took this option away?

How can I fix this?
Thank you!

That how it is since 2.2. The first two items don’t need a sub-menu any more!

Is there a particular function you’re wanting to use but can’t find?

No, it’s the bottom two options that don’t have the menu anymore. I was trying to arrange the staff spacing, in particular, to copy the staff spacing - I know how to do it from the upper bar menu, but it was so much more convenient to have it right there on the side… Did they get rid of that option?

If you want, you can assign a keyboard short cut to it. Go to Edit / Preferences / Key commands, then find Engrave - Copy staff spacing.

I think they took things out of the left hand side menu and split up the options simply because there wasn’t enough room to show everything at once including the new Bracketing options.

Argh, I meant bottom, sorry.

I imagine Engrave mode will only continue to grow, hence the parsing of functionality. But as Rob says, just assign a key command. That’s literally the only button that was lost by the re-arrange.