Engrave mode: assign master pages to specific pages

I’m sure I’m missing something basic. Here’s a screenshot of Engrave mode, looking at the Master Page > First. This is the layout I’d like to use (notice the word TESTING before @projectTitle@):

But when I apply and close, and look at Engrave mode, I don’t see this. I see a different layout. In other words, my first page is not inheriting the template for the first master page.

How do I fix that?

(I would post a second screenshot of Engrave mode, but the forum is limiting me to one screenshot right now.)

Is the right panel of Engrave mode showing a red corner on the first page? If so, right-click it and select Remove Page Overrides.
You’ll lose whatever manual change(s) you’ve made to that page but until you do so, master page adjustments (and various Layout Options) can’t take effect on that page.

Ah! Thank you for that – I was wondering what the red corners were (and I never placed them there myself) so now I know.

I now right-clicked the red corner to remove the red triangle. However, now ALL my pages reflect the default layout, and my first pages don’t reflect the First layout. (In other words, I would expect to see a large title on the first page.) Any ideas why my first page is inheriting “Default” instead of “First”?

Check your Layout Options - see Changing when the First master page is used

That was it – thank you. I had “Use First Master Page” set to “Never” – changing that fixed the issue.