Engrave mode auto reset?

Hi all,

Feeling a bit frustrated. After going over on Engrave Mode and fine tuning my full-score to a decent formatting, after
going back and forth between Write and Engrave, all the beautiful spacing of lines I had done simply went away. Like somehow
it reset all the manual things I’d done… but only on the second half of the score.

Aren’t the changes you make on Engrave saved???

Very frustrating.


Jesse, that is not expected behavior. Sounds like user error at some point in the process (no offense). Of course it’s frustrating to lose work, but what your describing isn’t something that Dorico would do, unless there’s something I’m missing.

Can you be more precise about what manual changes disappeared? You mean staff spacing?

I can’t think of any reason why that should happen: however, if you find yourself making loads of manual adjustments of stave spacing, then it’s probably better to adjust the Layout Options for the whole piece instead.

Is “the second half” a different flow? You’re sure you haven’t switched to a new Layout?

+1 on Layout Options. If you’re coming from another typesetting program, you might need to change your approach regarding a bazillion manual adjustments. Unless your score is exceptionally compact, or being prepared for a specific publisher.

Play around with Vertical Spacing. I find I almost never need to make more than one or two staff spacing changes per score any more.

Isn’t that what John Barron’s most recent (August) Discover Dorico YouTube is about?

Do be aware, Jesse, that if you make adjustments to staff spacing but then make subsequent changes that either cause the casting off (i.e. which bars are in which systems) to change, or you do something like insert a blank page at the start of the layout such that the pages on which those staves appear change, then those adjustments to staff spacing will be cleaned up. This is certainly the correct behaviour in the former case but is not ideal in the latter, and we intend to improve that when we can.