Engrave mode clickable boxes don't scale with space size

When using a custom space size, the boxes (that you use to drag dynamics etc.) in Engrave mode don’t rescale, making things quite infuriating and time consuming. ( I love the software by the way - keep up the great work!)

Welcome to the forum, @JKns. I’m not completely sure what you mean: are you saying that you would prefer the handles for things like adjusting rhythmic spacing to remain at the same visual size regardless of zoom level?

Thank you! I meant to post a picture with this but I am not allowed for some reason. Let me know if there is a way to do that because that would make this whole discussion easier.

If you change your page layout space size to 0.54mm for example and then you place a ‘<’ as a dynamic, when you go to edit it in Engrave mode you will see that its red boxes are too big and fall on top of each other making their use difficult. It would make things easier if those boxes were to shrink accordingly to the space size (and that includes the Note and Staff Spacing boxes in Engrave mode also). Hopefully this makes sense…

Whoah. A 0.54mm space size? Are you writing for mice with exceptionally good eyesight?

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Just for a really big orchestral ensemble that needs to be printed in A4…

I think you might find it easier to use a larger space size on A3 paper and then simply print to A4.

Yeah, just one user’s opinion, but please DON’T scale the boxes according to staff size!