Engrave mode - copy texts between conductor first pages and parts first pages

Dear all,

I’m editing a first page in a first conductor page (with f. ex. op. number, commissioners, composer, lyricist, instrumentation…) and I wanted all of the same text frames in the parts first pages, kind of like a “copy and paste”.

I already tried the option in conductor when you click-right on the page 1 in Engrave-mode the option “copy the selected frames on selected pages”, but then I can’t paste it in the parts. Is there any way to report those text frames on every parts?

Thanks for your advices and help.


Dear Val,
I think you need to train yourself on the masterpages use. Have you checked the very informative videos about it on Youtube Dorico channel?
You might edit the First part masterpage, and use it on all your parts, it looks as if it is exactly what you need.

I don’t think there is an easy way of copying material from the score master page to the part master pages. I created them separately.