Engrave mode disappeared!

I am a new user on the 30 day trial trying to learn the ropes and move over from Sib 8.0. Trying to figure everything out and all of a sudden, Engrave mode went and DISAPPEARED. Why?? How can I get it back??

see: https://imgur.com/a/75caXDW

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, cantoryakov. Please go to the Help menu (or the Dorico menu on Mac) and choose About Dorico. Does it show “Dorico Elements” or “Dorico LE” at the top of the About dialog instead of “Dorico Pro”? If so, it sounds like an eLicenser issue to me. You should find that simply quitting and restarting Dorico is sufficient to put things right.

quitting and restarting worked to restore the function. thanks though

Hi! Unfortunately in my case quitting and restarting did not help. Today in the middle of working on a project I realized that the Engrave mode was missing; Ctrl-3 does nothing and as you can see in one of my screenshots the option is missing from the pull-down menu. I’m using the latest Dorico Pro (registered yesterday). What should I do?

Close Dorico.
Open eLicenser Control Center (which will have installed along with Dorico) as Administrator.
Let it run its maintenance tasks.
Reopen Dorico.

If your license is on a USB eLicenser, it’s worth trying a different USB port.

Thank you very much, pianoleo! That indeed did the trick!