Engrave Mode Display bug?

I notice some unusual display of my score in Engrave mode, and I managed to do a screen capture this time for the Dorico team to take a look.
In the attached pictures, you can see that the right edge of last page is partially missing, the bottom edge of every page is partially missing, and both edges are partially missing. To work around, just zoom-in, zoom-out, and the symptom may not come back for a long time!


We have seen a couple of reports of this but have so far been unable to work out what causes the problem.

I have this kind of problems with Logic sometimes, which probably is because of having only 8 gb ram. It goes back to normal after a while. Maybe that’s the same here?

I’ve got plenty of RAM, and I get the same issue as the OP. It’s only occasional, and I can’t find any pattern.

I’m guessing this is a windows-particular problem. I use Dorico anywhere from 2-8 hours on any given day and I’ve never once had a glitch like this.

The OP’s screenshots originate in macOS, so no, this isn’t a Windows-specific issue, but I’m a heavy Dorico user on both operating systems and I’ve never experienced this problem.

Hi-DPI display?

You and me both. You’ve seen this; I haven’t.

Being an embedded design engineer myself, I suspect that this may be due the re-draw of screen during Engrave mode. I.e. the screen is re-drawn only when the Engrave mode is entered from say, Write mode, but somehow, all the background tasks (maybe interrupt driven) took longer time to complete before the re-draw. The Engrave mode was then left with a partial screen to re-draw. If I zoom-in, zoom out, I force it to re-draw the screen (by that time, all the background tasks were all completed). Since Dorico 3, I feel that sometimes the response of Dorico 3 to keystrokes is somewhat slower. Anyway, this is just my wild guess!

lol. sigh. you’re right of course. :blush: