Engrave mode edits making a mess of my score

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how things got this way, but every time a modify a flow in my score, the layouts go berserk. Nothing before or after the flow looks correct and I have to go through and make adjustments. The latest insult, flow headings popping up in the middle of my flows.

Is there a command that will tell Dorico to throw away my engrave mode edits and just re-layout the entire score?

If a layout is that badly mangled, I would just delete that layout and create a new one. You won’t lose any music.

Though it isn’t in this case, would that work if the problem was with the full score layout?

Sure. That’s the beauty of layouts: you can delete or create them as needed.

It’s possible there are things that have global properties modified, in which case a new layout wouldn’t help… but I think it’s likely a new one would fix most everything.

Yes I’m pretty sure you’re right. It’s just things like frame break locations and vertical system spacing. I think what I’ve run into is an anomaly that I’ve read about before on these forums. That of a flow being a second class citizen and some page layout details not moving along with the flows as they are inserted/deleted or altered in size.

If you want to post the file here, someone could probably give some insights on it.

Go to the Pages panel - top right corner of Engrave mode - and I bet you’ll find that the “mangled” pages are marked with red corners.

If you manually adjust the frames on a page, you cause that page to be overridden (indicated by a red corner). Once a page is overridden, Dorico won’t automatically adjust frames (including flow headings) until you remove the overrides, regardless of changes to the music that flows through the layout. If you add four bars here or insert some System Breaks there, it’s very easy for e.g. Flow Headings (which are made of Frames) to end up locked to the wrong place.

Right-click on any page in the Pages panel and you’ll find Remove Page Overrides and Remove All Page Overrides.

I didn’t intentionally override any pages, but there were a few flagged in red.

It could be that you manually added some text to a frame, or deleted a flow heading, for instance.