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I’ve spent quite a bit of time watching Anthony Hughe’s videos on formatting with master pages, etc., but I can’t seem to figure it out. I am trying to write a series of little band blurbs for my students. These are short snippets of popular pieces of music that I will get them excited to learn their instrument and practice. I made one flow for each exercise, and now I’m trying to set up a new master page so that each instrument part can be uniform. However, doing this is giving me quite a lot of issues, and I am not quite sure where to begin, so I hope this is clear.

  • I have text and music frames set up for the {@flow1Title@} and actual music. I set the music frames to filter by flow and by player. Am I going to have to do a new master page for each instrument?
  • I am trying to fit 14 snippets on the same page, but the music that comes through the music boxes takes up too much space on the page.
  • I would like all my staff measures to line up vertically. I thought the music frames would be good since the staves would line up and I wouldn’t have to do it by scratch, but it’s not working well.

So, I’m trying to figure out to edit several full band parts at a time, making a 1-page layout of 14 band snippets with text tokens for “Flow Title.” Any assistance in trying to tackle this project and hopefully turn it into a template?


I’d guess this is the root of your problem. 14 per page! If each snippet starts on a new line and there is text/title above, you are going to run into space problems, unless you use a very small space size for your music.

If I’m understanding your desired outcome correctly, I think you would be better served by simply using a single music frame with flow headings.

One of the problems you’re running into now (or you will if you continue this workflow) is that each of your frames is part of a different frame chain (the little link icon on the left). If you want each frame to have the next flow, they should be part of the same frame chain.

Here’s a handout I put together for a theory course. You can see there are several short, single-system compositions, each with its own heading, in the same music frame.


I agree. (But I still doubt you got 14 flows on a single page?)

Nope! I don’t think 14 systems for a page is likely a good fit for what appears to be a beginner flute part, but I suspect that handling the frames first will show OP they might need more than a page.

Okay, so I wanted all the music to fit on single lines whenever possible or at least all line up (without first line indentation as is common). To get this, I created a flow for each blurb and maybe the raster size 8 so everything fit on one page but it’s really small of course. I would be happy to do 7 to a page, if I could get them to all line up like your theory worksheet. How would you go about setting this up?

I know this sounds like a stupid question (I added that bit as an edit) but are you asking the method for making sure the start and end of a system line up?

Hi @jjhoppermusic if you could make and post here a sketch (handwritten) of the final result that you want, and the Dorico project of your actual state, I am sure someone will present a solution for your worksheet.

What do you mean by “line up”? You mean have them all on a single page like this? In that case, all you need to do is allow multiple flows on the same page/frame in Layout Options.

I allowed multiple flows. What I mean is I want ALL staves to be lined up. Some of the exercises were more than two lines. If that’s unavoidable then the first line would be indented and the second one would start farther back (see attachment). I want both lines to line up equally.

@Christian_R @davemacdo

Here is an idea of what I am hoping to replicate.

So, here, I put my raster size at 3 again and now this is the result with multiple flows allowed on a single page.

You can remove the indent on the first staff of a flow using Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Indents > Indent first system of flow by __ spaces. Set the value to zero.

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In addition to changing the indent for new flows, you probably also want to use Flow Headings, which you can style however you want by editing the Flow Heading Template (not the page template) in Engrave mode.

Oh, thank you so much!

Could you elaborate more on flow headings? Thanks!

Flow headings are the numbers and titles you see above each new number in my example above. You’ll need to tell Dorico you want them displayed in Layout Options:

Then, you will probably want to edit the headings if you want them left-aligned instead of centered.

My flow headings template looks like this from the example above, but when the flow is a composition with a title and a composer, I will frequently show the title on the left and the composer on the right. All of this information is pulled in using text tokens from the Project Info dialog. Each flow can have its own title, composer, etc.

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Hi @jjhoppermusic I made, as an exercise for me, a replica of the picture that you posted. I share with you the Dorico File of the result, that you can maybe take as an initial approach to analyze the possibilities, based on what the others suggested above (consider only the Clarinet PART, not the full score).
example flow headings.dorico (1.1 MB)

Layout and framing etc. is very flexible in Dorico.

I suggest you (besides of of course asking in the Forum, and studying the Manual) this wonderful video by John Barron @John_at_Steinberg to learn a lot about layout and many other things in Dorico (and you find many other very helpful videos on the Youtube Channel of Dorico):

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