Engrave Mode help needed - duplicate pages are appearing

Hey there again,

Sorry for all these questions; working on a big project and new things keep coming up :slight_smile:
I’m struggling a bit in Engrave mode with page template changes.
I want the left page to be a ‘first’ page and after that just being the default page.
For some reason, when I do this, it makes a duplicate of the next page without the known red triangle or green thing on the side.
Any clues?

Some other questions:

  • Is there a simple way to add the same page from one layout to another without having to make a page template? Thanks!
  • The piece starts with the text of the narrator. Is there a way to automatically paste all the text in a textframe and when the page is full, the remaining text moves to the next page? Thanks!


It might be necessary to share the project, but I suspect what’s happened is the frame chain on your First page template is different to the frame chain on the Default page template – normally both should be the MA frame chain, and that allows music to flow through pages using both the First and Default page templates.

Both are on the MA frame chain, I tried some things but the same things keeps happening, or other things happen that I don’t mean to haha.
Can I send you the project? That would be great!

Yes, if you’d rather not attach it in this thread, you can message me privately and send the project that way.

(For anyone watching along, it was a music frame on the First page template that was assigned to a different frame chain.)


Thank you for these courtesy replies, @Lillie_Harris It’s nice to know there is a resolution.

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