Engrave mode help please!

Last hour of a deadline, bad time to be reminded that my knowledge of Engrave mode is not great.
For some reason, a few pages of my score are only including a bar or two. I tried resetting the layout, and I have signposts turned on and don’t see what would be causing it. On those pages, I do see that the bar on the right has turned a cute shade of purple. What could it mean? I think the solution lies within this mystery.
Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

The purple bar (check the percentage) shows that the system is less than 60% full.
Dorico’s note spacing engine works wonders most of the times, but is not perfect.
I suggest you select the first note of the first bar of page 101, Cmd/Ctrl-click the last note of the first bar of page 102, and hit Make Into System.

Or, select any note in the first bar of page 102 and hit Move to Previous System.

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You’ve probably got hidden explicit system/frame break signposts that are forcing specific bars to start new systems or frames.

And the highlighted area on the right end of each system is called a “system fullness indicator”. Likewise there’s one at the bottom left called a “frame fullness indicator”.

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Thanks. Yes, I do know how to do that much, but I was worried that there were system breaks I wasn’t seeing and I’d just be causing more trouble “down the line” if I added more.
But it seems that there weren’t any, that I could find-- I guess something was just making the spacing engine get a little weird in some spots.

Thank you! I did indeed unhide everything I could think of, and never found any system or frame breaks. I guess it was just the spacing engine getting confused.
Thank you so much for the info, I spend so much more time in write mode that I forget a lot of the details of Engrave.
Btw, the colors of the system fullness and frame fullness indicators are super helpful! Skimming a 700-page score, very clear visuals help. I forgot about the purple color though-- I’m just used to worrying about them when they’re overfull, not underfull :wink: