Engrave mode, Key commands problem

I really do not know what is going on here. I opened the Key Commands from the Help menu, because I could not find my shortcuts to change the type of editing in engrave mode. As you can see I now have quite a few options to upgrade… :wink:

I have restarted Dorico as well as the computer to no avail. What could I do next?

EDIT: Maybe this is not a problem anyway, maybe it should look like this? I found my shortcuts after a while so I’m good.

Yeah, that widget is pretty clunky. I get “Upgrade” rather than “nudge” here, too.

The thing that’s worse, and in fact I’d like to report as a usability issue, is the fact that it can’t differentiate between the number keypad and the regular keys.

Consider the scenario of a new user coming from Sibelius. They’ll figure out pretty quickly that numbers are rhythmic values, and the Key Commands web page will tell show these numbers on the numpad. This bit undermines Dorico’s designed for laptops mantra, but isn’t so awful (as long as they have a number keypad).

Then they try to input a dotted note, using the period/full stop on the numpad.
It doesn’t work.
Then they go to the key commands web page and search for dot.

Oh. Not only does it point the user to the numpad dot, that’s the only key listed.

This isn’t a contrived scenario, incidentally. I’ve watched a new user (who admittedly may have been aiming to pick holes in Dorico), and I’ve tried to explain that the code doesn’t differentiate between numpad keys and regular keys. Unfortunately Dorico does differentiate, and doesn’t necessarily replicate the regular keys on the number keypad. By default Dorico does not have the numpad period assigned to dotted notes.

Please fix this :slight_smile:


It’s intentional that the dot/full stop/period key on the numeric keypad is not mapped to the rhythm dot function mapped to the dot key on the main keyboard, because the keypad is assigned instead to the transport shortcuts in Cubase (which, to my shame, I have used infrequently enough on a keyboard with a numeric keypad that I can’t remember what they actually are).

I’m aware that in Dorico it’s assigned to Move Playhead To Start of Flow, and that it’s an intentional decision.

Somebody coming from Sibelius is pretty likely to try the numpad period for dotted notes, and if it doesn’t work, the first place they’re likely to look is Help > Key Commands.
Help > Key Commands should not spit out key commands that are actually assigned to completely different functions.

Numpad dot was indeed one of the first keymappings I changed. Long time ago now, so I don’t remember if I stumbled on the key commands web page. I think I just got into preferences and fixed it.