Engrave mode: moving objects, but wish to avoid automatic staff spacing

I’ve spent some time searching for the answer to a question, which to everyone else probably is ridiculously obvious and has been asked an answered before. In that case, sorry.

Anyway: I have a densely packed page in a score layout, so I enter Engrave mode to move some objects very subtly out of each others way. It turns out the staves move with the object I have selected, narrowing the space between staves, thus neutralising my attempts to tidy up. What do I do to avoid this? I want the objects to move, not the staves, since that will prevent my desired result.

Thanks and apologies.

Edit: Doesn’t happen all the time. When moving slurs, for example, staves stay where they are. When moving hairpins up, the stave below will also move up.

I think it would be generally a VERY GOOD idea regarding Engrave Mode, that when you’re moving text objects around or ANYTHING that does NOT directly affect the spacing of the music on the page, that DOrico doesn’t need to f**** recompute the entire page for 2-3 seconds. That alone (and similar internal adjustments) would be a TREMENDOUS time saver…

marco_polo, please don’t spam multiple threads with the same invective-laden posts. I understand your frustration, but this doesn’t help, and it’s not the tone of discussion we try to foster here on the forum.

Runter, moving hairpins between two staves of a multi-staff instrument currently causes the distance between the staves to be adjusted, which is as designed but “wrong” in as much as we have subsequently decided that they shouldn’t, and this is something we will change in future.

Thanks, Daniel. I don’t know if it is of significance, but in my case the staves all belong to single stave instruments. I mention it since I see that you mention multi-staff instruments specifically.

Right, it may be that my memory is faulty and that we also do collision avoidance for hairpins on single-staff instruments as well, and again we have decided that this is ultimately not how it should work.

Hi, this might be considered inappropriate thread bumping, but the issue prevails in a current project (an orchestral score with single staff instruments only) and I thought it was better to pick up this thread rather than creating a new topic on the same. Has a way to avoid the staves moving, when I only want graphic elements to move, come up? Or is it status quo?

There hasn’t been any change in this area. We do think that we should change the way hairpins between keyboard/grand staves in particular affect vertical spacing, but it’s quite a big change and also comes with risks of changing the appearance of existing projects, so it’s not something we are going to rush into, I’m afraid.