Engrave mode multi-measure rests

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the ability to right click a multi-measure rest in engrave mode and “unfold” it into single measure rests would add much flexibility to working with Dorico’s automatic spacing algorithms in orchestral parts. A dirty hack is to enter text with just a space into the full score at a specific measures, which automatically breaks up the multi-measure rest, thus creating more room for better auto-proportions in the orchestral parts

Hopefully this is something we can do easily in the next (free) Upgrade :sunglasses:



Welcome to the forum, Joe. Are you wanting to completely un-consolidate a multi-bar rest, or just split a multi-bar rest at a given point? If the latter, then this is already possibly by way of the Engrave > Split Multi-bar Rest command.


Yes, I found that option. I gave it a test run on my Viola I part and all it resulted in was a flag that says “Split” but no actual change in the multi-measure rest. Is there something I’m missing here? If you look at the right hand portion of this screenshot, this was my old solution: To put text with just a space in it to automatically unfold a multi measure rest so that I can get good proportions in the measures on the last system.

Screenshot attached



You insert it where you want it, not at the start of the multirest. It’s possible to do it from within a part (using the caret to nudge it left or right), but it’s much easier from the score layout.

The Split Multi-bar Rest feature doesn’t cause every bar within the multi-bar rest to be unconsolidated: it simply ensures that a multi-bar rest will be split at that point, i.e. the position at which the SPLIT signpost appears will be at the least a boundary between two multi-bar rests. I suspect that since you presumably don’t want a multi-bar rest in another instrument to also be split at this point, you can’t actually use the Split Multi-bar Rest command to achieve what you’re looking for.

Excellent! Thank you such much for the explanation!