engrave mode: muttiple selection:help

Why in engrave mode when I select with mouse a area of several notes, sometimes it opens (what I want) the pannel properties ‘Notes nad and rests’ ,and sometimes not?!!!

It depends whether you have only notes selected or whether you also end up selecting something else. If you’re only seeing the Common group in the panel, it’s because you have at least one item other than a note selected.

Yes but how to select several notes and open the propeties pannel?
for example one measure 4/4 and 4x16th notes slur two by two how to select with the mouse the third group of 16th to hide stem for exemple.
Yes i can select each one note with click and Crtl but not very pratical

It’s sometimes easier to make the selection in Write mode and then switch to Engrave mode, because you could e.g. select the first note in Write mode, then do Shift+right arrow three times to select the next three notes, then switch to Engrave mode, and the selection will be retained and contain only noteheads.

Note that you can draw a marquee selection or use Select More in Engrave mode.

Thanks but:
Unfortunatelyit doesn’t select the noteheads only:
Ctrl+Shift+A select too much all the measure

Finally, I think that my mouse was bought to do “click”
Best regards

Sure, but in Write mode you can select a passage that includes slurs, then Filter Notes and Chords. Then switch to Engrave mode.

Ah, Dup, you’re right, of course. You might find it helpful to assign a key command to the “notes and chords” filter that Leo recommends.

Good solution!
and again great thanks to you Daniel and Pianoléo to spend your time to make us win ours