Engrave mode, note positioning, accidentals

In last 1.2.037 version, When trying to improve the presentation of multi voices groups at a same rythmic position, with accidentals, using the note spacing feature in engrave mode, I constated that accidentals seems to be attached to the basic rythmic position, and do not follow the move of each voice note.
It seems also not possible to access independently the position of accidentals…

In Engrave Mode, you do have a Property to specify an accidental’s position: Accidental X offset.

Yes, I know an understand your reply, but however, in my case I have 2 ( sometimes 3) voices at the same rythmic position, and the accidentals of the 2 (or 3) voices behave as if they belong to the same 1st voice ( all accidentals move simultaneously)

Ok, finally you were right, I have find how to acccess the individual accidental positioning property, WE ahve just to know that accidentals are fiited with respect to the basic rytmic position whaterver is the voice…

Thanks to your help