Engrave mode relocation

Into a very large project which seems to get increasingly worse… as soon as I switch to Engrave mode I’m either transported to the start of flow 1 or to somewhere else, far from where I worked. (maybe related, earier the project would open to the page I last worked on, now, nearly complete (31 flows, 350 pages) it always opens to page 1…)

I know it’s a known issue, but I seem to remember that there are steps to minimize the nuisance. Anyone care to refresh my memory? TIA :slight_smile:

Have you tried selecting anything before switching to the Engrave mode? In my experience this seems to help a bit…

Doesn’t help… I mostly have things selected and switch to Engrave in order to edit properties…

Try hitting P twice. Starting playback will put the selected whatever somewhere visible, and then hitting P a second time will stop playback before it’s started.

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interesting… will try, thanks.

I just fixed the zoom level at exactly 200% (single pages horizontally) and then the switch to engrave happened without relocation… hmm…
EDIT: project now also opens directly to the page visible when file was closed…

I find this behaviour troublesome with newly opened documents, as well, and the trick of selecting something and pressing P twice seems to be the only solution at present.

About jumping display when switching modes, Daniel remarked some time ago that it can relate to having a ‘fit to height/page’ zoom level selected. Often one will have different panels open and Dorico will have to recalculate the display to account for this difference, possibly resulting in a shift to another page. In this case, setting your favourite zoom percentage and then reducing or expanding the display by a minuscule amount will help prevent this.

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This drives me crazy too. Without the P trick, I was spending more time scrolling to find wherever I was before switching to Engrave and back as Dorico would jump. The additional annoying thing is that when I switch back, Dorico correctly switches for a few milliseconds and then makes the unnecessary jump. Daniel commented on this behavior a month ago stating: “I can see why Dorico is doing this. I’ll take a closer look to see if it’s possible to eliminate this additional repositioning of the view after you switch mode.”

+1 for getting this sorted out, or giving us an option to stop it, it’s pretty much the only thing that I don’t like about Dorico, spending time scrolling about the page trying to find the item I was looking at in write mode…



I’m not sure whether or not the issue Todd reported a while ago is the same as Frank is experiencing. For what it’s worth, I’ve fixed the problem Todd reported and that will definitely be resolved in the next version.

@fratveno, do you find that you do see the correct location for a moment after switching mode, only for Dorico to then jump to a different place, or does Dorico never show the expected location? If you’re using one of the “fit…” zoom levels, I’d recommend trying to increase or decrease the zoom level by 1% (e.g. type Alt+Z for the Custom Zoom dialog, press up arrow once, and hit Return.)


I’ve probably seen this once or twice, but mostly - I constantly change zoom levels - it’s just dead wrong. The last couple of days it simply took me to page 1…

As mentioned in my edit above, today I fixed the zoom level at 200% single pages horizontally, and the problem went away. Also with regard to file returning to saved state when reopened. Definitely not good on my eyes, but it solved the problem… I’ll try the recommended zoom medicine tomorrow.

If you can pin down the steps that reliably make it go wrong for you, I should be able to do something about it. Ideally I would need a screen grab of the “before” state, a screen grab of the “after” state (whole desktop, please, so I can see the dimensions of the Dorico window relative to your overall display), the project itself, and details of what you selected and what you did to change mode and/or the type of view, so that I can hopefully reproduce the specific problem and then look into fixing it. These kinds of problems are very sensitive to window geometry, zoom level, and the specific selection, which is why I need all of this information in order to be able to reproduce it.

I’ll certainly do my best to provide the data you need in order to get to the bottom of it…