Engrave Mode wish or request

In Engrave Mode when making the page template, I would love to have a mode in which you can preview the look of your score without having to apply and go back.
Every time I move around the tokens, the spacing is different. I would want to align the start of the tokentext with the start of the music, but because of the indent it’s always a guess back and forth.

For instance, as you can do with ‘`’ in Write Mode to ‘remove’ all the signposts and stuff.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-07-08 om 12.19.59

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The overall handling of overrides and templates is one area of the program that at least for me carries the greatest potential for frustration.
This preview function would be nice, but to be able to right-click a page with an override and select, say, “update page template” would be awesome.


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Agreed!! +1

An alternative in this instance would be to use a text item (either staff-attached or system-attached) that you then align with the start of the system. You wouldn’t be able to use the project title token in that, though, as tokens only work in text frames.

Edit: Or, if you’re not wedded to having the first system be indented relative to subsequent systems, remove the first system indent and position the left edges of both the title text frame and music frame the same amount in from the left page margin.

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